Changing your Professional Deputy?

Posted: 14th December 2020

Why change your professional deputy?

It’s a common misconception that once the Court of Protection has appointed a professional deputy, it is not possible to change, but this is not correct.

As with many relationships, sometimes things go really well and sometimes a change might be necessary. Before changing your deputy though, it’s important to understand what you want to change from the relationship and to speak to your current deputy to see if the relationship can be improved. If you’re a family member and disagree with decisions made by the current deputy, it’s perhaps advisable to discuss your concerns with another expert to see if they think the decisions made were appropriate and in the best interests of your loved one.

Reasons you might want to change a professional deputy

There are lots of things that could contribute to someone thinking they are ready to change deputy, including:

  • The deputy is retiring
  • The relationship between the deputy and client has broken down.
  • The client or deputy has moved to a different location
  • Unsatisfactory conduct by the deputy
  • Lack of continuity due to their file handler leaving or joining the deputy’s firm.
  • The deputy is making decisions without consulting family members.
  • Wanting a professional deputy who has particular skills relevant to the client.

How do you go about changing your deputy?

Any change in a deputyship would have to go through the Court of Protection and it is advisable to use an expert Court of Protection solicitor. At EMG, we can make the process as simple as possible. We’re used to taking on new deputyships and our experienced team will guide you and your family through the process. We know it’s a personal decision and it’s so important to get the relationship right. We’re happy to spend time getting to know you with no obligation so that you and your family can be confident that our team and approach is the right fit for you. We’ll happily share client testimonials or you can listen to one of our family’s stories here:

Why choose EMG?

Our Court of Protection team is one of the largest, independent teams in the North and we regularly take on change of deputy cases, for a variety of reasons. We offer the personal approach to our deputyship clients and are often called on to assist where specialist and detailed knowledge on Court of Protection and Trust matters is required.

We’re passionate about providing an excellent standard of client care, advocating for our clients’ best interests at all times and promoting as much independence and autonomy wherever possible.

Contact us for an informal discussion

If you would like to discuss the appointment of a professional deputy then please contact Jemma Morland for further information.

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