Conferences – Is There Any Point?

Posted:28th February 2017

Our conference for catastrophic injury lawyers is taking place soon.

Following the changes in CPD requirements and with ever increasing time pressures on lawyers, I am often asked in my role as Head of Business Development,  whether there is any real need to attend conferences these days. My answer to this would be a resounding yes!

Feedback from previous conferences tells me we lawyers get so much more from attending a conference than a free lunch and endless tea and coffee (although I have to say our conference lunches are always delicious!)

It’s a chance to listen to experts from the industry in person rather than reading something from a screen. I learn far more when attending a lecture rather than reading an article – I think most of us learn more this way.  It’s also a rare opportunity to raise questions and pick the brains of those who are leaders in their field. Conversely, it also gives you the opportunity to impart your knowledge to other delegates and I truly believe we learn more far from each other than through any other forum.  It’s also, of course, a great way of meeting other lawyers who work in the same field and it’s an ideal opportunity to network with others.  Apart from anything else, it’s a great chance to move away from your desk and get out of the office. In the age of the internet, online working, telephone and video conferencing, we seem to get out even less so we should welcome the opportunity to attend a conference with open arms.

Our conference takes place in Leeds on 26 April 2017 and everyone is welcome. It’s an APIL accredited conference and we have lots of fantastic speakers including the wonderful Professor Dominic Regan who I never tire of listening to! If you’d like to reserve a place, please email [email protected]. I look forward to seeing you all there!