Culture first. Better business. 

Posted:31st January 2022

Culture and values go hand in hand to support EMG’s continued growth

EMG Solicitors understand the importance of having strong company values. Knowing who they are and what they stand for strengthens their team but also their service offering. It is also a vital part of helping to retain the unique EMG culture as the firm expands.

Managing Director, Emma Gaudern explains the importance of culture and values to EMG:

“Our culture governs how EMG interacts with people, our relationships with clients and each other and how we achieve results in a competitive environment, helping set EMG apart. Our values support everything we do and how we conduct ourselves..”

Emma explains that she’s never been shy about her ambition and as the firm expands, takes on more people and opens new offices, the importance of maintaining the unique EMG culture is imperative.

“As we expand, that real sense of who we are and what we do can get diluted without a clear set of values. That’s why we’re committed to living and breathing them and making sure our team understands them. The benefits of having a strong culture include improved morale and relationships, the team going the extra mile, better customer service and improved colleague retention.

EMG’s core values are:

  • Co-operation
  • Courage
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Kindness


Co-operation at EMG means we stand and fall together. We’re one team, supportive of each other. We provide proactive support to our clients and each other. We support each other emotionally, practically and financially. Co-operation is about individuals coming together to achieve common goals through a collective effort. It’s not always about agreement, it’s about working together for the greater good.


We’re ambitious at EMG, thinking big and wanting the best for each other and our clients. Our fast growth and superior service means we’re more in demand than ever as people want to work with us. We need to have the courage to embrace change, challenge boundaries in the workplace, ask questions and act with confidence.


At EMG we deliver excellence. We aim to be the best we can in our individual roles and when working together, make the firm the best it can possibly be. We strive to provide excellent legal advice and excellent service to our clients.

Personal excellence is not a skill set, it’s an attribute. Find something you love, commit yourself to excellence and it’s most likely you’ll succeed.


Integrity means being transparent with each other and clients. Giving straight answers to clients.  Sharing as much knowledge as possible. We admit our mistakes and use the experience to improve the way we work.

If what you do is loyal to EMG’s values, you act with integrity. People will never forget how you made them feel. People who act with integrity are more likely to be honoured, trusted and believed. Keep your promises and have peace of mind.


Kindness is so much more than just being nice to people. If you value people and communities/connections, you create an environment where people enjoy coming to work.

You gain satisfaction from working with one team and bringing your best self to work. Kindness is good for our health and happiness. People also carry out acts of kindness when they see it in others, something that is very apparent at EMG with the charity work committed to by the team.

Kindness is like a boomerang, it always returns. It makes you feel good and makes a positive difference to your wellbeing.

We see kindness in the way we work, through getting to know people and what is important to them. People feel listened to and heard. It’s really important our colleagues are happy as the knock on effect is that our clients benefit from an exquisite service.


In summary EMG’s culture is all the above and more. It’s the DNA of our business. It’s how we cultivate business growth by offering each colleague a voice, while encouraging healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours and work ethics.

We know that good company culture involves trust, respect, and the opportunity for colleagues to participate in shared values and love what they do.

Our company culture sets the foundations for real, tangible business growth. It’s based on honest, productive conversations and helps us to identify issues and collectively form resolutions to offer the best we can to our clients and each other.