EMG Solicitors Offers New Same Solicitor Divorce Service ‘1-2-1’

Posted: 11th January 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of family legal services, EMG Solicitors announces the launch of ‘1-2-1’. This new service is designed for couples navigating the complexities of separation, be it within marriage, civil partnerships, or cohabitation, to facilitate a smoother, more amicable process.

We understand the emotional and practical challenges couples face when ending their relationships. ‘1-2-1’ is tailored to address these challenges, offering a unique approach where one lawyer represents both parties to achieve one mutual outcome.

Traditionally, family law proceedings often involve each party seeking their own legal representation, leading to prolonged negotiations and increased financial and emotional costs. However, for couples who mutually agree to part ways, this conventional approach can be more of a hindrance than a help. Our new service, ‘1-2-1,’ steps in to streamline this process.

Before embarking on the ‘1-2-1’ journey, we ensure that the process is suitable for both individuals. It’s essential that both parties are aligned in their expectations and goals for the separation. If it’s evident that there’s a lack of agreement on matters to be resolved, separate representation might be required.

‘1-2-1’ is ideal for couples seeking a clean and amicable split. It fosters a collaborative approach, allowing you and your partner to work with your solicitor as a unified team from start to finish. Together, we’ll identify the crucial aspects that matter to each of you, ensuring a fair outcome for both parties.

This service offers an array of benefits, enabling couples to work through the divorce process amicably, reach agreements on financial matters and establish arrangements for children.

Sue McArthur, a Solicitor in EMG’s Family team said:

‘Working as a lawyer with a couple is a privileged position  in Family Law in which to be working. It  offers a unique opportunity for the couple to come up with a settlement upon which they have had advice from the same person and with both hearing the same advice and having the same information. The process allows any concerns to be aired openly and an opportunity is always given for either party to take independent separate advice should they wish to do so.