Guest Blog – Legal Preparations to Protect Those Living with Dementia

Posted: 20th November 2017

We’re very fortunate to have been helped this week by our contributing writer – Jane Sandwood, who is a freelance writer and editor.  Jane has some helpful tips on the legal steps you can consider if you’re worried about Dementia and also some very useful ideas on how to prevent or delay the onset of dementia.

Everyone worries about getting older, about not being able to cope as we have done in the past and about the legal implications that might arise from having to deal with serious health problems. One particular fear for anyone living in the UK is dementia. According to the 2017 report published by the Office for National Statistics, one in six people over the age of 80 are formally diagnosed with dementia. This translates into 850,000 current patients; a figure which is expected to rise to two million by 2050.

The worrying thing about dementia is that we don’t realise that we’re living with it until it’s too late, which is why it’s important to have our legal paperwork in order while we’re fit and healthy, just in case. This paperwork might include a well put together will, the designation of a trusted power of attorney and maybe even a personal injury trust.

On top of the legal preparations, you might also want to do everything within our power to reduce the risk of dementia. For example:

1. We can choose to eat healthy

2. We can get regular exercise

3. We can walk more

4. We can find ways of actively reducing stress levels

5. We can make the effort to be more sociable

6. We can challenge our brains to learn a new skill

7. We can learn to play an instrument

8. We can make time to play, laugh and just have fun

9. We can partake in cognitive exercises

10. We can better our routine to always include a good night’s sleep

If you’re interested in learning more, then the following guide provides further information on living with dementia.