How Are We Doing?

Posted:23rd January 2018

Over the time I’ve overseen business development here at EMG Solicitors, I’ve met many marketing experts and sales people. Whilst they all obviously argue that whatever they offer is the best way to market your firm , they all in effect, say the same thing.

The traditional advertisers will tell you that you can’t beat seeing your name in print – in magazines and newspapers. Those in the radio business will say the radio is an ideal forum to advertise – people don’t read newspapers any more but they do listen to the radio. Those promoting TV advertising will say that TV is still King – a large percentage of the population still watch TV. Those promoting digital will say that no one watches traditional TV any more – advertising should be done digitally, perhaps on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

With the exception of radio, we’ve undertaken all different kinds of marketing – TV, newspapers, magazines, digital marketing and sponsorship. So what is my conclusion? If I was asked to advise a new firm on the best ways to market themselves, what would I say?

To a large extent, I think I’d advise any firm not to waste their money! Don’t waste money on newspaper adverts that no one reads, TV adverts that no one will pay attention to, or even digital adverts on social media which no one will ever click on to. They’re all just noise, and your firm will be just one small voice amongst millions of others with nothing new or interesting to say.

The best form of marketing for any law firm (and I think this actually applies to any business) is the people who work there. We are ‘people’ who specialise in offering legal services to other ‘people’. People aren’t interested in reading long winded boring advertisements about how marvellous we are. People just don’t have the time for that.

Clients come to us because they know and trust our solicitors and support staff. They know us because they’ve met us, probably many times at networking events, they’ve heard us speak at a number of presentations or seminars in relation to our specialist area, they’ve read our advice or views in an article or in a blog, they’ve seen the work we’ve done both inside and outside of work on social media, they recognise the qualifications, accreditations and awards we’ve achieved in our specialism and they know they’re in safe hands. They’ve seen some of the hundreds of fantastic testimonials we receive every day from other clients who have been pleased with how we’ve helped them. They’ve perhaps instructed us before and know from experience that we will work hard on their matter and will always ensure they’re kept updated.

The best form of advertising is us! I’m so grateful that all of our solicitors and support staff are so friendly, helpful, experienced, knowledgeable and always willing to go that extra mile. It makes my job in promoting them very easy!

If you’ve used our services before and haven’t given feedback before, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know how your experience has been.

Rosalind Danson

Head of Business Development