Johansson & Dauriac Divorce: Will They Go Back to the Negotiating Table?

Posted: 9th March 2017

Actress Scarlett Johansson has ended months of speculation about her marriage by filing for divorce in New York and custody of her two-year-old daughter.

Lawyers for her French husband, Romain Dauriac state that negotiations had been taking place between the couple to resolve matters and that he is blindsided by the sudden and formal step taken by Johansson.  They have requested that Johansson halt the proceedings and return to the negotiating table.

Whilst the couple reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage, it is said that it does not cover financial issues or care arrangements in respect of their daughter.  Whilst Johansson is a global superstar and no doubt accustomed to the media circus that reports on her, she has stated that she will not comment on her marriage in order to protect the privacy of her child whom she is aware will one day be old enough to read the press reports.

This case shows that even if you are an international celebrity, divorce has consequences for you and your children.  If Johansson and her husband can return to the negotiating table rather than fight it out in court, then there they can minimise the distress they cause to themselves and their daughter.

Couples going through a separation could consider using the collaborative process as means to assist them to separate in a constructive and non-confrontational way.  The process commits the couple and their solicitors to reaching an agreement outside of court whilst ensuring the parties remain in control of the process and their futures.

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