Pride – How far we’ve come

Posted:15th June 2022

The stonewall riots, a series of spontaneous demonstrations by the LGBTQ+ community, is often cited as the event which sparked the modern gay liberation movement around the world. Little did they know that a demonstration against a police raid at their local gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, would ignite such a massive response.

Within the UK we are fortunate that LGBTQ+ rights have continued to flourish and legislation has recognised the rights of those in the community. Representation across businesses, governments and the media has increased to some of it’s highest ever levels, with pride parades occurring in most major cities across the UK. However, there are still numerous countries where being your authentic self is illegal, and others which are introducing legislation to retract individuals rights.

People often ask what ‘Pride’ is and why pride month is so special. To me, it is a moment to appreciate how far the community, and myself, have come but it is also a moment to look at how far the community has to go, and how we can and should do better. It’s a time to engage in conversations about how we all, both LGBTQ+ members and ally’s, can enact change. Employers, businesses, governments and individuals all have a part to play, in advancing the cause.

Pride is not a moment, nor a month, nor a parade. It is a feeling. It’s about being proud to be who you are and sharing that with the world. I have been lucky to be blessed with friends and family who are supportive and employer’s who accept me for who I am. However, not everyone is so lucky. As such this pride, I encourage everyone to watch a movie, read a book, engage in conversations or attend a parade, understanding that everyone has their part to play this pride month.

Written by Josh Horne, a Paralegal in our Court of Protection Health & Welfare team.