Commercial Property Leases


Entering into a new lease can be daunting, especially when dealing with an experienced commercial property landlord who has multiple properties and has granted numerous leases.

At EMG Solicitors we will support you with all aspects of your new lease. We will sit down with you to discuss the proposed lease terms before they are agreed, to ensure that they are right for you and we will negotiate the terms of the lease to get the best outcome for you.

If you are purchasing an existing lease we will take you through the lease so that you fully understand its contents before you complete your purchase. Where existing terms are not right for you or your business, we will do our best to negotiate variations with your landlord but also provide upfront, honest advice as to the possibility of any changes being agreed.


Our experienced team can help you with all aspects of granting a new lease to a tenant whether on a short or long term basis. We understand that it is essential for landlords to have the correct safeguards in place, your property is properly occupied and maintained during the lease, and your property is returned to you in a good condition upon termination of the lease.

Where an existing lease is to be sold on (assigned) or underlet, we will ensure that all appropriate references are obtained for the new tenant and that the appropriate guarantees are in place to protect you as landlord.

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