Property Disputes

For most people their property is their single most valuable investment of their lifetime, and is also important to them as the place where they bring up their families, socialise with their friends, and enjoy well-earned rest and relaxation.

We can provide timely and cost-effective advice about legal problems affecting residential property.
This can include disputes over easements such as a right of way over a driveway, a right to use a septic tank, or even a right for light to reach the windows of your house. Arguments over boundaries can also be a troublesome problem, whether it is a question of building on the boundary line, responsibility for boundary walls and fences, or even the exact location of the boundary. We can provide expert advice about technical legal questions such as disputed title to land and whether or not restrictive covenants are binding on your property.

Pitfalls can occur when you have work carried out on your property, and we can help with contract disputes with your builder, professional advisors, or tradespeople. For disputes worth under £10,000 (which the court considers a “small claim”), we are always happy to offer limited advice on a fixed fee, freeing you to run the case yourself without the danger of incurring increasingly high lawyers’ fees.

We can also help with tenancy questions, whether you are the landowner or the tenant.

We can advise about the different routes to a successful outcome, whether by negotiation, formal mediation, or an application to the Court or the Property Tribunal.

We’re here to help.

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