Admissions and Exclusions

Appealing a school’s admission decision

Should your child not secure a place in your preferred school, you have the option to file an appeal, and our team of Education Lawyers is here to assist you.

While the school admissions appeal process is designed to be accessible for parents, navigating it for the first time can be challenging. Our Education Lawyers, with years of experience, are well-versed in advising and representing parents. We possess a deep understanding of the system and employ effective tactics to enhance your chances of a successful appeal.

Experiencing disappointment when your child doesn’t secure a place, especially in an oversubscribed school, can be disheartening. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that there are established processes in place to ensure that no child is overlooked.

Exclusions and Expulsions

If your child has been excluded or expelled from school, it can be a challenging and stressful time. If you suspect that the exclusion is unfair, it can be even more distressing.

The Education Act 2002 outlines the legal framework that should be followed when a child is excluded from a state school or academy. This legislation establishes the guidelines and standards that must be adhered to in the process of excluding a student.

Students can be excluded for a number of reasons and if you would like advice on the next steps to appeal an expulsion, contact our Education Lawyers for an initial meeting.