Nahdia Bloundele

Training and experience

Nahdia has been working in the legal sector for over 14 years, and has gained extensive knowledge of Court of Protection work since starting her employment at EMG Solicitors in January 2018. Nahdia started EMG Solicitors as COP Administrator and assisted with the Court of Protection bills to be sent for assessment at the SCCO.

Within her COP administrator role, Nahdia began to assist Emma Gaudern with the expert witness administration. In October 2019, Nahdia started a paralegal role and has gained knowledge and experience within the expert witness field.

Current workload

Nahdia currently assists Emma with all aspects of her expert witness matters. Nahdia reads and summarises the expert evidence, reviews the costs claimed, attends conferences with counsel and/or the client, drafts the witness statements and prepares the schedule of costs and joint statements. Nahdia has a knowledge of the Directions process, and has a good understanding of the varying factors and circumstances which may mean that a straightforward deputyship is not always the most suitable option for managing P’s financial affairs.

Nahdia has a particular interest in international deputyship statements and has been involved in several cross border cases whereby the Claimant either does not reside in the UK but the deputy is in the UK, or where the Claimant wishes to move to another country from the UK. Nahdia has knowledge of a number of European deputyship alternatives and the jurisdictions which are in place.

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