Same Solicitor Divorces

As the legal environment develops quickly in respect to family services, we can now offer ‘1-2-1’, our new same solicitor divorce and separation service. This is a service for all couples going through a separation whether married, in a civil partnership or currently/previously cohabiting.

One lawyer, two clients, one outcome.

Separating from your partner and sorting out arrangements for children as well as finances can be a challenging time. However, for some couples who reach the end of their relationship mutually, our service can offer flexibility and allows these couples to:

  • work through the divorce process amicably
  • agree financial matters
  • agree arrangements for children

Usually in family law matters whether there are court proceedings or not, a solicitors firm may only act for one party. This can mean both parties going back and forth while trying to find solutions. This can  make the process longer as well as more costly both financially and emotionally. For couples who are in agreement about their separation this can be frustrating and can over complicate the divorce or separation process. We see each of you individually before you sign up to the process to make sure that it is the right process for you both. If it becomes apparent either at that stage or later, that there is no real agreement as to how matters should be resolved, separate representation would become necessary for both parties

With our new service 1-2-1, EMG Solicitors are able to act for both parties. Our solicitors will help you find a solution quickly and effectively, leading a sensible and amicable discussion between you and your partner.

If you and your partner are looking for a clean and amicable split then 1-2-1 might be right for you. You will work with your solicitor as one team, beginning to end, to identify what is important to each of you leading to a fair outcome for you both.

The Process

We’re here to help.

If you want to learn more about our 1-2-1 service or you and your partner wish to start the process, please contact your nearest office or email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch.

Our Family Team