Family Mediation

Mediation is a process which is facilitated by an impartial, qualified third party – the mediator.

Family Mediation is a process of negotiation in which an accredited Family Mediator enables parties to resolve their family disputes through dialogue and negotiation, helping everyone involved reach solutions.

For many, it is important to retain control of important issues concerning you/your children/your finances and this process is proven to help reduce hostility where there are no winners or losers. The family mediation process is also a way to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings. It can be started at any stage, even if you are going through court proceedings.

Relationship breakdown is emotionally fraught. Parenting when you are separated can be extremely difficult; negative feelings for your partner will often stop you really looking at what is best for your children. Judges apply the law; they don’t consider what may be important to you from an emotional perspective.

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In family mediation you can:

  • discuss what is important to each of you to achieve in a financial settlement and try and work together to ensure that you each achieve that outcome
  • work out practical solutions that work for the whole family when you are talking about arrangements for children
  • ask a child specialist mediator to speak to your children to give them a voice in your discussions

Legal advice in tandem with mediation allows you to:

  • understand the ‘range’ of what may be considered reasonable
  • have the confidence to look at different options how to divide your assets or agree the arrangements for your children is in the range of fair and reasonable outcomes
  • ensure no imbalance with one person knowing more than the other
  • have a legal document drawn up to give effect to the proposals reached in mediation and to make them legally binding

Family mediation supports:

  • Parents – who may be separating or divorcing and where there may be issues surrounding children, finances and property
  • Grandparents/other relatives – who may wish to make arrangements to see children in their family

When relationships break down, the decisions about arrangements for the future, concerning either children or finances can all to easily pose communication difficulties and mediation is the process which is increasingly encouraged by the judicial system. We are experts in supporting family members to make arrangements to see children where there has been a breakdown of family relationships and they are looking to establish more contact, or to reach agreement to ensure a fair division between them of financial resources.

Family Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice. You will still need your solicitor to support you and give you the legal advice you need to make your arrangements legally binding. Details of any proposals agreed are recorded formally and your solicitor is able to make these proposals legally binding.

Family Mediation is not a counselling service and Family Mediators do not try to get people back together. Instead they are there to look at different options and help you consider your proposals together. To find resolutions which work for everyone.

Our Accredited Family Mediators can ensure the process is safe and discreet with separate arrival and departure for clients. Mediation can take between two and five sessions each of about an hour and a half to two hours.

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