Legal Aid Services

You may be eligible for Legal Aid, depending on the type of case and your financial circumstances. Legal Aid can provide funding for advice and representation in court or tribunal proceedings.

Examples of the types of cases you can get Legal Aid at EMG Solicitors:

Mental Health

  • Representation at mental health tribunals if you are detained in hospital
  • Advice if you have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act

In many of these areas, non-means tested legal aid is available.

Mental Capacity/Court of Protection

  • Advice and representation for Court of Protection cases
  • Appeals against deprivation of liberty safeguards – i.e. Where you reside in a care home and wish to dispute a deprivation of liberty authorisation granted by a local authority
  • Advice and representation in relation to the capacity or best interests of a vulnerable individual.

Where a person is deprived of their liberty in a hospital or care home, they are likely to be eligible for non-means tested legal aid.

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