So once an offer has been made on my property and I have accepted it, how long will it take to be sold?

On average, the whole process can take up to 16 weeks. However, it can vary due to a number of factors including;

  • The title to the property
  • The buyers mortgage process
  • Addition secured charges
  • Building works undertaking
  • Separating parties
  • If the property is in negative equity

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What can I expect from the process?

The stages involved with selling a residential property can change depending on the circumstances, but the basic steps are;

  • Confirm that you wish to instruct us in writing
  • Perform identity checks
  • Obtain title deeds and confirm outstanding amount on any existing mortgage
  • Prepare contract and send to buyer’s solicitor
  • Exchange contracts
  • Obtain settlement figure to repay any existing mortgage
  • Check transfer deed and send to client to sign
  • Complete transaction
  • Pay any agent fees and send remaining money from sale to you

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For the best experience regarding the sale of your property, we would recommend that you instruct us as soon as you put the property on the market. This way, we can start gathering all the necessary information that we require. As soon as you find a buyer, we can immediately send all the documents needed to the buyer’s solicitors.

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