Probate services in the UK

Whilst we all hope to enjoy life for as long as possible, everyday, there are families who face the loss of a loved one. When the inevitable happens, your family may need legal support in the administration of your estate.

Here are some of the things to be done following a death:

  • A funeral has to be arranged.
  • Banks, building societies, insurance companies, creditors and government departments must be informed of the death.
  • Inheritance Tax and Income Tax have to be dealt with.
  • Property and shares may have to be valued and sold.
  • Any debt will need to be cleared.
  • A Grant of Probate may have to be obtained.

During such a difficult time, the last thing your family will want is to deal with legal correspondence, complete tax returns or apply for probate. When plodding through unfamiliar, lengthy and complex inheritance tax forms it is no surprise that family members can often make mistakes. They may not appreciate the fact that the penalties for incorrectly declaring the assets in your estate to the Inland Revenue, even if just in error, can be significant.

It’s important to have expert help to fill in necessary legal forms. This will not only avoid mistakes being made but will also ensure that any tax relief available, is claimed.

We are able to undertake specific tasks that your personal representatives need help with, or we can take the stress away completely and deal with everything from beginning to end. We can provide fixed or capped fee quotes in order to give peace of mind.

If there is a valid will in place, the estate will be distributed in accordance with the wishes expressed in the Will. If there was not a Will in place, click here to see how the estate will be distributed.

A detailed resources answering lots of FAQ’s regarding Probate can be found here.

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