What Does Your Solicitor Actually Do in the Conveyancing Process?

Posted:2nd October 2017

The above is a question that is quite often asked of me and I enjoy explaining to the new client what it is that we solicitors actually do to assist in selling or buying a new home. The client always sounds surprised by the amount of work involved!

In a time when ‘fixed’ legal fees are often a determining factor in which solicitor a client will choose, we have all had to ‘add value’ to our service provided to clients. We not only check the legal title to the property to make sure it is free from adverse entries which would stop you selling it in the future, we check searches, raise necessary enquiries based on the information presented to us, deal with the lender so their charge is registered, make sure you legally hold the property correctly in case you need to sell and co-ordinate the movement of funds on completion.

The most recent and significant ‘added value’ we provide to clients is advice relating to stamp duty and the 3% surcharge and when it is payable. Almost every scenario is different which more often than not requires quite extensive research on the solicitors part to ensure the correct advice is given. We do not charge extra for this advice and it is always within our fixed fee even though the client could save thousands of pounds depending on their circumstances.

We also have to vigilant of money laundering issues and the ever present threat of cyber crime. It is a thankless task but one that I enjoy especially when you get a ‘thank you’ from the client at the end of the transaction.