Starting your Legal Career with a Solicitor Apprenticeship

Photograph of Sam Thompson

Posted: 31st January 2024
by Sam Thompson

National Apprenticeship Week is a week-long celebration that brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy. Apprenticeships are a great route for people wanting to learn while they earn and while they are associated traditionally with trade industries, they can also help with starting a legal career. We’ve spoken to Sam Thompson, an Apprentice Solicitor in our Residential Conveyancing team to hear what he thinks of legal apprenticeship.

What skill set have you developed and how has this helped you on the job?

“Throughout my apprenticeship, I’ve developed a diverse set of skills crucial for the legal profession. Key among these is legal research and analysis, which enables me to effectively support cases by finding relevant precedents and interpreting legal texts. My communication skills, both written and oral, have significantly improved, allowing me to convey complex legal concepts clearly to clients and colleagues. Time management and organization has been essential in handling multiple cases simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and meeting deadlines. These skills have not only boosted my confidence but also allowed me to contribute meaningfully to my team, enhancing our ability to deliver high-quality legal services.”

What does your role entail and how are you learning?

“As an apprentice solicitor, my role is multifaceted. It includes assisting with case preparations, drafting legal documents, and engaging in client meetings. I’m involved in various legal research tasks, helping to build strong foundations for cases. Regular mentorship from experienced solicitors is a cornerstone of my learning, providing me with invaluable insights into legal practices and ethics. Additionally, I engage in continuous professional development through workshops and legal seminars, ensuring my knowledge remains current with evolving laws and regulations. This blend of practical experience and theoretical learning is certainly comprehensive and engaging.”

How does learning on the job benefit you?

“Learning on the job has immense benefits, particularly in a complex field like law. It allows me to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, which enhances my understanding and retention of legal concepts. This practical approach helps in developing problem-solving skills, as I’m often faced with unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Being part of an active legal environment exposes me to diverse cases, enriching my experience beyond what a classroom setting could offer. It also accelerates my professional growth, as I learn not just from my experiences but also through observing and interacting with seasoned solicitors. Ultimately, it equips me with the practical skills and professional judgment necessary to be a solicitor.”

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