Tales from a Trainee Solicitor’s First Seat

Photograph of Josh Horne

Posted: 1st March 2024
by Josh Horne

Before starting their first seat, many Trainee Solicitors may not know what to expect in the role or what their day to day might look like. Trainee Solicitor Josh, takes us through the first seat of his training contract within EMG Solicitor’s Litigation Deptartment.

“I started my career at EMG Solicitors in March 2022, working as a paralegal within the Court of Protection (Health and Welfare) department. On 01 September 2023, I stepped into a new chapter of my career, beginning my first seat as part of my training contract, within the Litigation Department.”

First Day

“The first day brought a mix of nerves and excitement as I navigated the unfamiliar territory of litigation. Despite having prior experience in the legal field, the intricacies of this department were a fresh challenge, filled with unfamiliar abbreviations and unknown cases. However, the supportive atmosphere within the team quickly alleviated my concerns, even if they were disappointed that I didn’t’ drink hot drinks!”

What is a typical day in Litigation?

“In the vibrant world of the Litigation Department, the adage “no two days are the same” couldn’t be more fitting. Just when you think you have your day mapped out, a sudden surge of urgent tasks can turn your plans upside down. From navigating landlord/tenant disputes to delving into unfair dismissal claims, and from unravelling inheritance conflicts to resolving boundary disputes, the department’s scope is as diverse as it is unpredictable.”

“In my journey within the department, a key lesson has been the realization that it’s impossible to be an expert in every facet of the legal landscape. Yet, the department has adeptly equipped me with the essential tools and the capacity to conduct thorough research, facilitate continuous learning, and provide sound advice across a range of legal domains, for the benefit of our client base.”

“Engaging with clients directly has been the highlight of my departmental experience. Whether this is speaking to potential clients and taking their initial enquiry, or observing solicitors in court, the experiences have been amazing. The joy lies in feeling that I am actively contributing towards individuals’ goals, from navigating tricky employer situations to aiding in housing disputes.”

“It’s been a rewarding seat, where each step not only involves legal expertise, but a genuine commitment to helping clients overcome challenges, achieve their goals and impact upon their lives.”

What I am looking forward to

“My upcoming 6-month assignment will be in the Court of Protection (Property and Affairs) department. Within the firm, four colleagues serve as deputies for clients lacking the capacity to manage their financial affairs independently. The department assists these deputies in handling the client’s case and making financial decisions in their best interests. It marks a return to the Court of Protection realm, but with a twist, introducing a variety of new challenges.”

“Overall, I am excited about this fresh challenge, even though it implies a significant amount of learning!”

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