Jay Worley

Junior Software Developer

Job Role at EMG

I am a Junior Software Developer and I joined EMG in June 2024. My job is to help develop workflows and screens on the case management system to provide the end user with a more efficient and user-friendly experience. My goal during development is to provide a tool that allows the fee earners in EMG to spend their time where it matters instead of menial repetitive tasks.


My professional career started at EMG, with my background before being a University Student at the University of Sunderland. I did a four year course and graduated with a 1st Class Honours. The course I completed was a BSc in Computer Science, with a variety of topics covered from Cybersecurity, SQL Database Development, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. Most of my experience with programming is in the languages C# and Python, but I also have experience with JavaScript, PHP, SQL Queries, HTML and CSS.

What do you like about working at EMG?

Everyone at the company is incredibly friendly and approachable, and from the start I felt immediately welcome and comfortable. I also like that there isn’t an attitude that you must be perfect, with the understanding that working together, and cooperating is more productive and beneficial for everyone.

Outside of EMG?

In my free time, I like to spend my time doing social activities such as TTRPGS (Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk etc) with my friends. I have also recently taken up running and I aim to run at least 90 minutes weekly, with my goal being to achieve 5K in under 25 minutes.