Kris Rogerson

Compliance & IT Trainer

Job Role at EMG

I joined EMG in April 2022 as IT & Compliance Trainer.  My role is to train and support staff on the various IT systems used and assist with ensuring that the firms legislative and regulatory requirements are met.


With over 24 years in educational IT Support from Technician through to Manager, I have a wealth of experience dealing with people of varying skills and abilities and with a wide range of systems and software. Having come through the Netscape vs. Internet Explorer browser war of the 90’s unscathed and helping avert the Y2K disaster where absolutely nothing happened, I consider myself a veteran. I have always had a passion for computers and find helping others very rewarding.

What do you like about working at EMG?

All the staff at EMG have been genuinely warm and welcoming me into the firm. They have been very patient with me as I adjust to working in the law sector and they helped me learn a lot in a short period of time. The firm is growing and there are always opportunities to help others develop and introduce new starters to the systems in place. It is very clear that everyone is pulling the same direction and have a common goal.

Outside of EMG?

I love the outdoors and enjoy walking, cycling, and camping. As a Newcastle United fan and English, I can’t say I’ve had much to enjoy about watching football but always hopeful one of them will win something soon. When I am indoors, I love to cook. Cleaning up afterwards, not so much.