Laura Lunn

Client Executive

Job Role at EMG

I am a Client Executive in the Court of Protection Property and Affairs team. I joined EMG Solicitors in March 2023. I support individuals who have suffered life changing injuries and as a result have been deemed to lack capacity in relation to their finances. In my role, I assist the professional deputies in managing the day-to-day management of our client’s property and finances.


I graduated from Northumbria University in 2016 with my LLB and Masters in Law which included completing the LPC. During my time at University, I became interested in Mental Health law and decided to get experience working in the Mental Health sector. I worked as a Mental health support worker for a number of years in which I was supporting clients, who had been diagnosed with a mental illness, to maintain and learn new skills in order to achieve their goal of living independently. I then worked as an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate, supporting clients, who had been deemed to lack capacity, to have their voices heard and be involved in decision making regarding their care and treatment. I worked alongside EMG solicitors in my role as Independent Mental Capacity Advocate and knew that they shared my dedication for supporting vulnerable individuals so I jumped at the chance to join their Court of Protection Property and Affairs team in 2023.

What do you like about working at EMG?

Their main priority is helping the clients and protecting their best interests, EMG genuinely care about the clients as individuals which is always a trait I have wanted to show and will continue to show throughout my career.

Outside of EMG?

In my free time, you will likely find me skateboarding however I tend to spend most of the time falling over and have the bruises to prove it.