Mandy Cheung


Job Role at EMG

I work as a solicitor at EMG within the Health and Welfare Department joining the firm in June 2018. I specialise in Court of Protection work, where an individual lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves. This can include for example decisions relating to: where they live; their care and treatment; and their finances. I regularly advise on deprivation of liberty cases, both within the community and in care home settings. I act in Court of Protection cases where certain decisions must be court authorised or where there is a challenge, either by the individual themselves through their litigation friend, a family member or a close friend.I have experience in representing the individual through their litigation friend. I have been instructed by professional advocates and the Official Solicitor. I also have experience in advising and representing family members who have concerns about the care and treatment received by their loved ones and want to ensure that their position is properly considered. In addition to the above, I provide advice regarding community care services provided by the local authority and/or NHS. This includes challenging assessments and decisions made regarding care packages and financial contributions.


I qualified as a solicitor in October 2012. Prior to working at EMG, I have worked for local authorities, providing legal advice to their Adult’s and Children’s Services Department. This background has provided me with a wealth of experience in all social care matters, from disputes relating to assessments and care packages to cases that are referred to the Court to make a best interests decision. My previous experience in Children’s Services work has been particularly helpful in cases involving young adults that have previously been subject to child care proceedings during their childhood. It has enabled me to fully understand the background to these cases and advise accordingly.

What do you like about working at EMG?

I honestly have to say the people at EMG. I am proud to be a part of a team of people that is so passionate about what they do as well as supportive to other colleagues.

Outside of EMG?

I enjoy anything food related. I would say my hobby is eating out and trying new places.

Mandy qualified in October 2012.