Rebecca Dover

Trainee Solicitor

Job Role at EMG

I am a Trainee Solicitor at the firm and joined the firm in September 2023. I am currently sitting in my second seat in the commercial property department.


I have just recently completed an integrated masters degree in law at Northumbria University, where I graduated with a first-class honours. During my time at university, I was part of the Grey Society committee where I was the charities and volunteering officer where we raised money for causes close to my heart such as the RSPCA and the Albert Kenedy Trust by hosting events for our society members, and due to this I was awarded a Northumbria University Law School Contribution Award in 2022. In addition to this award, I also received academic awards such as the Northumbria Law School Honor Roll.

While I was at university in my 3rd year, I worked within the Student Law Office where I was assigned my own clients under the supervision of a practicing barrister. This opportunity gave me firsthand experience of what it is like to work in the legal professional.

What do you like about working at EMG?

The best thing about EMG is how friendly and approachable everyone at the firm is, which clearly stems from the firms’ clear values. Everyone is so willing to give a helping hand whenever you are stuck on an issue! Also, in addition to how friendly everyone is, the firms reward system is fantastic, and it is an amazing way to get people up and moving as you get rewarded for completing a step count on a monthly basis!

Outside of EMG?

Outside of EMG I love spending my time with my family and friends, I also have 4 dogs, so I love getting cuddles off them every night when I get in from work. I enjoy going abroad when I get the chance and travelling around the country from going up to Scotland to exploring the lake district. Also, I have recently took up a new hobby of paddle boarding and I am loving it, so now whenever I get a chance (weather dependent) I am out with my board.