Rebecca Sparrow


Job Role at EMG

I am a Director in the Court of Protection department at EMG Solicitors based in the South East.

I am a Court appointed deputy, managing the property and financial affairs of clients who lack mental capacity, including adults and children. Most of my clients have been injured because of a personal injury or due to medical negligence and require assistance managing their compensation.

I also act on behalf of clients who have retained mental capacity to manage their compensation and have decided to set up a personal injury trust. In addition, I act as an expert in litigation to comment on the costs of administering a professional deputyship.

Every day as a Court of Protection solicitor is different and the role can vary widely depending on each client’s personal circumstances. I spend a lot of time in contact with clients and their family members, as well as litigators, case managers, therapists, architects and investment managers. I am responsible for the day-to-day management of my client’s money, reviewing and agreeing large investments, property purchase and adaptation, employment of care teams, tax returns, reporting to the OPG and approving applications to be filed with the Court.


After training in a law firm in Lincoln, I moved to London in 2010 to join a large national firm so I could specialise in Court of Protection work and have done so ever since. In my last role, I was Head of Court of Protection in a top 100 law firm, which involved growing a team and overseeing the firm’s deputyship matters.

I advise on all aspects of Court of Protection in respect of property and affairs, including Court applications, lay deputyships, statutory wills, gift applications as well as personal injury trusts and professional deputyship costs.

What do you like about working at EMG?

Working somewhere that shares my values and love of Court of Protection work.

Outside of EMG?

I have 3 sons under 8 years old and an Irish doodle, which means my husband and I spend a lot of time outside to manage their energy.  I help with my son’s rugby team, act as a mum taxi to take them to their various hobbies and, if I get 5 minutes peace, I love a good book or box set (and too many biscuits).