The Big Jump!

Posted:30th May 2018

A few months ago I had the offer of a guided tour around the local Hospice, St Cuthbert’s. As is very common, I thought of a Hospice in very narrow terms: as somewhere that people go at the end of their lives. This tour was an eye opener. Yes, they provide services in those circumstances but they do so much more.

St Cuthbert’s offer a place for respite, day services, counselling, the “everything in place” service to prepare and make sure people have made wills, funeral plans and everything else that makes families’ lives that bit less stressful. They have a dementia garden, they are host to families long after their loved ones are gone to meet and remember. They offer a fantastic service which is personal and dignified.

In February, we used the education suite at St Cuthbert’s Hospice to host our seminar, talking about what preparations can be made for a loss of mental capacity and the decision making process for those who lack capacity to make decisions for themselves. Again, I was really impressed by the education facilities and the commitment of the hospice to the local community. The commitment to community and personal service is something we share at EMG and we are now part of the hospice’s “88 Club”, a group of local businesses which support the hospice.

During the tour I was told that the service gets less than 40% of its funding from the NHS. However, it remains free at the point of use so the rest of the funding comes from grants and other fundraising. So when I heard that for their 30th anniversary the hospice were looking for 30 volunteers to sky dive, didn’t I “jump at the chance”? Well, no actually… The idea pretty much terrifies me but Pat Oliver and I will be jumping from a plane at Peterlee Airfield on 30th June. Although I wasn’t too keen to begin with, Pat is ready to fulfil her long-lived skydiving ambition! Pat says she was always a dare devil as a child but has reigned it in a bit over the years as she grew up and became a wife and mother. Now at 61 Pat says she is ready to regain some of that dare devil sprit. Any sponsorship is much appreciated! You can donate here and watch this space for photos! Or if you’re feeling a bit daring yourself, St Cuthbert’s are still looking for volunteers – click here for more info.