The EMG Way

EMG Solicitors aren’t just about legal services. We’re a business that firmly believes in supporting our community and we work hard to keep clients at the heart of what we do.

We know how important it is to look after our people because they make it work. Keeping hold of  ‘what we’re about’ is vital because we know our values and culture impact on the service we deliver.

Being a North East based business with our head office in the historic City of Durham, we are passionate about our roots. As a result we enjoy our involvement in a number of community initiatives which help us take forward our enthusiasm and passion. Visit our Community Support page.

Our Vision, Mission, Why & Values

Our vision is set out as “Supporting Clients. Protecting Assets. Changing Lives.” The concept of being able to help someone change their life for the better has to be at the core of what we do. We can change our clients’ lives, but also allow our work colleagues to blossom and develop a career to fit their personal and professional desires.

Our mission statement is – ‘Providing the legal support our clients require to achieve anything from their basic needs to their wildest dreams and everything in between’.

Everything we do as a member of the EMG team is intrinsic to the whole firms work and offer.

We also have an EMG Why? – this is the why which sets us apart from other firms, why people choose to buy our services and why people have chosen to work for us.

The EMG why is – ‘We believe in equality. We will fight for our clients all day long though our passion is not limited to providing exemplary legal services but also in making a meaningful contribution to our community and charitable causes we support.’

Our vision, mission and why are all underpinned by the five EMG values which have been identified as being important through our teams. Our values are more than just words on walls they are the building blocks in how we work with each other and how we Support Clients. Protect Assets. And Change Lives.

Our five EMG values are:

  1. Co-operation – We pro-actively support our clients and each other
  2. Courage – We are ambitious and think big
  3. Excellence – We deliver excellence
  4. Integrity – We are open and transparent
  5. Kindness – We value people, communities having fun and being happy


Our Vision, Mission, Why and Values are all vital components of the EMG Way.