Will Prince Harry Enter into a Pre Nup?

Posted: 19th December 2017

With over 40% of marriages ending in divorce, Prince Harry would be forgiven for suggesting he and Meghan Markle enter into a pre nuptial agreement ahead of their wedding next year. After all, he is a wealthy man in his own right and she is a divorcee and an American where no one would bat an eyelid at the suggestion. Meghan herself has given up a successful acting career and may wish to secure her own financial future should things not pan out as everyone hopes.

By entering into a pre nuptial agreement both can ensure that if the worst does happen an appropriate financial settlement will take place for themselves and any future children out of the spotlight of the media. Not very romantic some might suggest, but pre nups are widely used especially in cases where there is substantial wealth to protect. They can take the heat and bitterness out of a separation when emotions are running high and reasonableness and fairness can go out of the window.

Bearing in mind Prince Harry’s own father did not enter into a pre nup upon his second marriage and neither did his brother upon is first, it is reported, maybe Prince Harry will listen to those closest to him, rather than have asset protection at the forefront of his mind. However bearing in mind his own parents bitter divorce which was played out in the media the attraction of the privacy and security of a pre nup could override this.

Even for those of us who are not marrying into the Royal family, whether to enter into a prenup is an important consideration for any engaged couple and one which, if the worst does happen, can make separation less hostile and contentious.